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Our days are full of happy, beautiful smiles from patients who are having a great orthodontic experience.
Watching their self-confidence grow as their smiles improve is the best!

Dr. Lisa Gao is a board-certified orthodontist serving the Los Angeles area in California. She has been helping people change their lives for the better by giving them a smile they always wanted since 1976. As a highly experienced and professional orthodontist, Dr. Lisa Gao is very pleased to be accepting new patients into the new year. She brings with her a plethora of knowledge and professionalism that makes her excel at her work. While many orthodontists focus on working with teenagers during those difficult growing years, Dr. Lisa Gao is proud to work with patients of all ages: kids, teenagers, and even adults.

Working with her dedicated support staff, Dr. Gao works closely with patients to help them understand their treatment options, explore the best options for them and guide them through the treatment process with ease and understanding. Because our smiles have such an impact on our lives, Dr. Gao works hard to ensure every patient gets the care and treatment they need to feel good about themselves and their lives. As she moves to expand her orthodontic practice, Dr. Lisa Gao is proud to offer a variety of services to help make a beautiful smile possible for all of her patients in the Los Angeles area.

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