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Welcome to Laguna Niguel Orthodontics & Children’s Dentistry! When you need the best orthodontists and pediatric dentists in Orange County, we invite you to visit our office in Laguna Niguel. We have been voted as one of the Top Dentists in Orange County in a survey taken by other dentists and published by Coast Magazine in 2015.

A simple smile can make someone's day and can help you feel confident at all times. Here at Laguna Niguel Orthodontist, we provide the best service for your beautiful smile. We make sure to keep your smile looking its best and healthy to ensure that you're always looking and feeling your best. We take care of our patients to make sure they’re confident with their smile!

A smile makes a person who they are. A beautiful smile can make you feel at your best. At Orthodontist Laguna Niguel, we help you maintain your smile to feel confident at all times. We make sure to take care of our patients teeth so they can have good oral hygiene and boost of confidence because of their smile. We have helped many patients feel their most confident. A good smile can have a big impact on not only you, but others as well!

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